Prof. PhD DSc Mikołaj Szafran

Research interests:

  • Research on shaping techniques of micro and nanopowders
  • Research on the synthesis of low-toxic monomers and other organic additives, mainly based on monosaccharides, which can be applied in shaping of ceramic powders
  • Research on shaping of ceramic powders by methods based on colloidal chemistry such as gelcasting, gel-tape casting, slip casting, etc
  • Research on application of shear thickening fluids
  • Research on porous ceramic materials for different technical application
  • Research on ceramic matrix ceramic-metal composites fabrication via colloidal processing
  • Research on new polymer ceramic composites such as composites made of porous hydroxyapatite with biodegradable polymer in pores
  • Research on polymer ceramic composites with very low polymerization shrinkage for dental application

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