PhD Magdalena Zybert

Research interests:

1) New catalysts based on cobalt for ammonia synthesis process - preparation, characterization and estimation of catalytic activity.

The aim of the research is a development of new, active catalysts for NH3 synthesis, in which the active phase is cobalt with the addition of selected promoters. Research on a new generation of NH3 synthesis catalyst, which exhibits a high activity and works stable under lower pressure and lower temperature than the commercial iron catalyst, has not only the great cognitive value, but the application potential also. These studies corresponds well with the current research on the optimization of ammonia synthesis process in order to reduce the energy consumption level.

2) Preparation of catalysts (supported and unsupported).

Catalysts are obtained based on the well-known preparation methods, e.g.  precipitation, coprecipitation, impregnation techniques and templating.

3) Characterization of catalytic materials by sorption and thermogravimetric techniques.

The basic textural parameters characterizing obtained catalysts, such as: surface area, porosity, chemical composition, dispersion of active phase are determined by sorption methods (physisorption/chemisorption) and thermal analysis coupled with mass spectrometry. Additionally, using a temperature-programmed techniques the study of a catalyst reduction process and their state under process conditions are possible.

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