PhD DSc Sławomir Jodzis

Research interests:

1) Investigations on ozone synthesis and decomposition under electrical discharges conditions

Ozone is a product of limited stability. It is produced in specific conditions which do not favour obtaining high concentrations nor high energy efficiencies. During electric discharges reactions towards ozone synthesis, as well as its decomposition take place. Obtained concentrations largely depend on residence time of products and  substrates in reaction space. 
Research is carried out to determine beneficial residence times as a function of energy stream consumed on process occurrence. Research results are used to optimize plasma reactors constructions.. The main goal is to reduce the energy consumption of the process. 

2) Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes for hard-oxidative liquid wastes treatment

One of the major consequences of civilization development is creation of industrial and municipal waste in large quantities.  Part of them is utilized in various ways, but most of it stored is on the landfills. Generally municipal waste is treated in such a way. This waste undergoes spontaneous degradation only in minor degree.
Serious problem  connected with exploitation of landfills is the elution of ingredients caused by rainwaters, these ingredients can infiltrate into ground waters as a leachate. It is prevented by oxidizing the leachate with a variety of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP). After this treatment leachate contains many components which are more susceptible to purifying with biological methods. In order to create highly oxidative environment, in which advanced oxidation process would occur due to presence of various reactive oxygen species (ROS), variety of electric discharges are used, for example corona discharge. 

3) Studies on graphene production during H.V. exfoliation

Graphene, as well its oxidized form, so-called graphene oxide (GO), is currently an object of numerous studies conducted in many scientific centers. It is common to unfold broad perspectives before this materials (eg. electronics, military applications). Currently used forms of graphene are small flakes (foils) of an atomic monolayer thickness. It is supposed that this material can make ennobling additive to some polymers. Nowadays research are carried out in Department of Chemical Technology and Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, which focus on graphite exfoliation in strong electric field conditions in process conducted in the presence of  selected monomers.

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